Sunday, September 26, 2010

My First Blog

Hi everyone I'm brand new too the world of blogging. Even though I have been using  computers for the last 20 years I have never got into the whole blogging thing. I also have to admit I rarely look at blogs. So with that off my chest "why" am I starting now, well currently I'm doing an MSc in Digital media and as a requirement of the course I have to create a Blog.

"So whats my blog about" well my  personal life is far to boring to talk about. So I thought that I would blog about what I'm currently working on. The pictures on the left are 3D visualisations of an apartment design that I am working on.
I thought it would be interesting for anyone out there who has an interest in computer rendering to follow my progress as I complete this project.
Basically this blog is for anybody who is interested in design and computer rendering.

A bit of background about the design
I started this design about two years ago but unfortunately  it got shelved due to work commitments. The floor plan is based on a loft apartment that I worked  on a few years ago in New York. I decided to redesign it, purely as a design exercise with the objective of improving my 3D modeling  and rendering skills.
I also plan on doing a full walk through on this project with visuals of the entrance area, living area, dining room, kitchen, study and the master bedroom.

So if your interested you can follow along as I complete this project and you will also pick up some useful tips and tricks.                                      

The Software I use,
I used Autocad Architecture for the construction of the the apartment itself and I used 3D Studio Max for creating the furniture and items like the speakers and hifi equipment.  On this project I wanted to model every element of the apartment myself and try not to use any stock models in the project at all. For lighting and rendering I use Vray. So if you have an interest in these software packages follow along and you might learn something new.

So that's my first post I hope the images are enough to get you interested, remember they are only test renders and the design of the apartment is still a work in progress.
I'll talk more about the images, the design and the render settings in my next post, so see you then.

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